Perfected Scullery Required

artificial emotions, saccharin's bitter, 
become everyday easy though flour's haze and
crusty exteriors, like gingerbread snap,
devolve harnessing too little and too much,
ever hardening while waiting for buttercream
frosting smiles and piped sugar shoes.
grins hold their shape until visited by the uncaring,
idiosyncratic, all needing to satisfy a fructose fix.
thinking it now safe to swing from the pan
knowing all too well
life is as limited as it is limitless,
many move too close begging their share of
new york cheesecake, banana nut bread, snickerdoodle.
overbearing demands come too soon, too fast.
patience. deep breaths.
quench the panic. easier said.
rising within tormented, nearly raw
souls, everyday easy falls from the 
table, sliding under counters, landing
upside-down while timers shatter the silence, waiting to be
valued, savored, molded once again.
where's the sweetness? the magical
xanado world of cordials and cordiality now deflated.
yesterday's recipe unsuccessful. under/over proofing,
zesting elusive, bittersweet. throw it out. start again.


(Note: This is an Abecedarious poem, one in which the first letter of each line or stanza follows sequentially through the alphabet.)

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