Finding Heart

Summer break explodes
as students leap down stairs of
neighborhood school buildings
all giggles and wiggles except one.
One who saunters instead of leaps
whose eyes are not impassioned by
sidewalk hopscotch or swimming lessons
or lazy warm evenings catching lightning bugs
whose curved shoulders carry a sadness of stolen dreams
stopping mid stride near the giving hickory nut tree
sitting at its roots, back pressed against warming bark,
head tilted back, vacantly staring upward through
shimmering leaves. Resting. Waiting. Watching.
Summer sun abruptly teams with storm clouds, showers,
erupting rainbows. Simultaneous phenomenon
uniquely savored while still gazing upward
light begins to replace cloudy eyes,
followed by a slight hint of grin.

A “Poem Moment” showcases original poetry by Write Design Owner.